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A Complete Online Solution! for your business

Start your Online Business with us after knowing about us!.

How We are Here and WHY?

We are a group of 9 Friends who have interest on websites and torrents, as we have waste our hard earned money over some hosting compines to hostour own sites with low quality and high investment, as we almost wasted our valuble time of 4 years using those scrap companies. then we have dediced to start our own company and provide some valuble services with the best price tag so that each and every person will able to have his own website and reach the world with his own talent with very low price.

We have started this on 17 DEC 2015 With 9 Employess Now we are 12, as we are not taking much amount of profits we are in low people working hard to serve our clients better with what we have and what we know. We Will take 5% more than service actual price as a profict to run our company! This is the main reason our prices will be low.


User Database

We now into user database selling be provide the best and verified database for our clients.!


Bulk Sms& Bulk emails

We now into Bulks Emails And Sms, starting for 5.5ps/sms and 0.01/email best prices over internet.!


Digital Marketing

We now into digital marketing, We promote your business with best price and great reach.!


Web Design

We now into web design with some special packages and Great price.!


Google Apps For work

We are now reselling google apps for work with the best price over the internet with zero profit.


Dedicated Servers,Vps

We have launched Dedicated servers and vps for reasonable price with great support.


Bulk Emails

We have started bulk emails in hostinap to serve our customers with marketing there brands and proucts.


User End Support

We have started user end support for small business, with low prices, daily reports,We serve you for your products with high grade quality support.


Started business

We are not more than an year but we have achieved lots of appreciation from our beloved customers. this is mainly because of our dedicated support and quality of our products .

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